Thank You, Everyone!

That’s a a wrap for the 2nd Annual San Jose Mini Maker Faire, and boy, was it fun! THANK YOU to the amazing Makers, Vendors, Volunteers, Staff and Visitors who made this year’s San Jose Mini Maker Faire a smashing success!!


Special thanks to our sponsors who helped make this year’s Faire possible: Make: Magazine, Google, TechShop San Jose, Santa Clara Valley Brewing, John Paulson Master Photographer, Council Member Ash Kalra, and Mayor Sam Liccardo.


Stay tuned for more photos from the event and news on next year’s San Jose Mini Maker Faire!

Big THANKS to Our Generous Sponsors!

Thank you to Make: Makezine, Google, TechShop, Santa Clara Valley Brewing, San Jose Bike Valet, John Paulson Master Photographer, Council Member Ash Kalra, and Mayor Sam Liccardo for help making this year’s San Jose Mini Maker Faire possible!

MF Sponsor TY Signs

Hands-On Science


Schmahl Science Workshops EXPLODES the myth that science is dull. Their instructors are talented scientists and engineers who engage students’ curiosity, imagination and creativity using a fun, hands-on approach. Students learn to apply the scientific process as well as core scientific principles, all the while making exciting new discoveries.


Join Schmahl Science at the 2nd Annual San Jose Mini Maker Faire, where this year they’ll be exploring Chromatography. Chromatography is a technique used to separate mixtures. Many different science fields use chromatography. The technique is used in environmental studies to detect pollution in water and air. Chromatography also is used by crime laboratories to identify clues such as blood, ink, or other substances found at a crime scene. Stop by their booth and create your own colorful bandanna design while learning about chromatography. You’ll learn how to separate the ink from permanent colored markers to make a rainbow of colors on your bandanna!

To find out more about Schmahl Science Workshops, visit:

Give Rocket Science a Try!

Be sure to stop by the Air Rocket Works booth at the 2nd Annual San Jose Mini Maker Faire and try your hand at rocket design!

Air Rocket Works was founded by Rick Schertle – who has been  teaching middle school social studies and language arts in San Jose for 21 years – and Keith Violette -a mechanical design engineer with 18 years of experience designing robotic prosthetic arms, medical devices, and ultra-precision air bearings. The two have helped innovate several areas or compressed air rocketry, helping make it accessible and safe for kids of all ages.

Stop by the Air Rocket Works booth to make and launch your own compressed air rocket. These rockets go nearly 250′ in the air with just compressed air and after making and launching, you can take your rocket home with you!

Find out more at:

Code Hobbits

Be sure to stop by the Code Hobbits booth at the 2nd Annual San Jose Mini Maker Faire. Code Hobbits is an amazing organization, with a huge focus on STEAM education and research.

They plan to showcase their student projects from 2016 cohort of Engineering and Entrepreneurship program.

CH1Student Project: RainboSkyz – programmable, light-up umbrella

In addition to student project demos, Code Hobbits staff will run several activity workshops and circuit design challenges that combine conductive materials with craft supplies to make learning electronics engaging and accessible.

CH2Breadboard Challenge

We’re very excited to have the support and commitment of organizations like Code Hobbits to make STEAM education accessible to our communities.

To find out more about Code Hobbits, visit:

408 Creates!


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A project from the Office of Cultural Affairs (OCA), #408Creates witnesses and helps share San Jose’s creativity.

At the heart of their work is a celebration of the creative diversity of San Jose. The recently launched the #408Creates social media campaign partners with San Jose arts organizations, artists, and local businesses to highlight the range of creativity that happens everyday in the South Bay.

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Help celebrate San Jose’s creativity by tagging photos of your creations #408Creates on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Your tags will help showcase the uniqueness of this place where we live and work. It also helps the OCA know what and how people are creating in San Jose, so that they can continue to develop programs which further strengthen the cultural vibrancy of the city.

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Look for their mobile chalkboard at the 2nd Annual San Jose Maker Faire to find out more about OCA’s programming and to tell them about the role creativity plays in your everyday life.

Science or Magic?…Both

Would you like to experience some magic that is real? Visit Alan the Amazing’s at the 2nd Annual San Jose Mini Maker Faire and investigate a few of the wonders of the everyday world of science all around you!
Alan is a middle school science teacher and a professional magician. He’s combined those two passions and created a special, interactive program he calls STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Magic. The world of science and magic is built around secrets.  Not only that, but lots of science effects look like magic.
Many of the experiments that Alan will be presenting were known to the Ancient Greeks, yet others are new and have never been presented before.
 At Alan’s STEM booth, you will get a chance to get up close and watch the magic of science happen right before your eyes and right in your hands.
For more, visit:

World Record Paper Airplane!

Be sure to stop by the Paper Airplane World Record booth featuring John Collins, the world record holder for paper airplane distance, at the 2016 San Jose Mini Maker Faire!

Displaying lots of planes.jpg

Learning how to fold the best paper airplane in the world is just the start. You’ll learn the adjusting tricks to make the plane fly better and farther than average paper airplanes. You’ll also be treated to ongoing demonstrations of planes that circle back, spin, tumble, flip over and fly back upside down, flap their wings, and some fly forever (actual forever may vary).  Learn the science behind these tricks or just enjoy the show.

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In addition to hosting local television segments, John Collins has appeared on Conan, Discovery, Nat Geo, Science Channel, Hallmark, NFL Channel, ESPN, TV Globo (Brazil), as well as the front page of the Wall Street Journal. Google, Intuit, Genentech, Edmodo, Sony PS4, XOJet, and RedBull have all enjoyed John’s mix of science and entertainment.

Displaying Conan and John.jpg

John is the author of three books, containing unique collections of his paper airplanes. His designs require only folding. The art of Making is skinned down to the bare minimum: one sheet of letter size paper, a little instruction, and (woosh!) you’ve just made an amazing flying machine.

Find out more at:

Under the Sea with Academic Antics

Academic Antics is a non-profit educational group in the San Jose area that provides classes in a broad range of subject areas for many ages. They offer everything from core subject areas such as language arts, math and science; to fun electives, such as a Maker Vs. Zombies class and a Graphic Novel Literature class.

At the 2016 San Jose Mini Maker Faire they will be presenting their Ocean Experience project that their Maker Club has put together.

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Once a week during the summer, students and their families have been meeting to help create a variety of props and scenery for their booth.

Displaying aug 30 15 014.JPG

Students have created everything from dyed fabric backdrops with ocean life painted on them, to felted sea creatures – some of which light up with fiber optics and soft circuits – to 3D printed sea stars – to building models of rocks to represent tidepools.

Displaying jan 26 16 086.JPG

Participants have ranged from age 6 through adult. This project is a work in-progress that they plan to continue working on and entering in future Maker Faires, becoming more complex as the students skills grow. Visitors to the Academic Antics booth will get to walk through the Ocean Experience and can also make a fun light up headband as an anglerfish costume.

For more information about our classes, please visit

Meet Some of Our 2016 Makers: MindDrive

MindDrive BCI: An Interactive, Hands-Off Experience
Think Fast!  Interested in seeing how your brain works?  Then stop by the MindDrive booth- the only booth to give you a piece of your mind.
MindDrive is a new Bay Area research project developed by Matthew Ebisu that grants any user mental remote control capabilities over a variety of electronic devices.
Black magic you say? No. MindDrive is grounded in Brain-Computer Interface research that uses readily available electroencephalographic (EEG) hardware. By detecting the brain’s Alpha (8-13 Hz) and Beta (14-30 Hz) micro electrical waves, you can actually control a simple electronic system using your thoughts!
Test your brainpower at the 2016 San Jose Mini Maker Faire! Control a tiny robot using only your attention! Force that robot to fight other hapless robots in brain-to brain battles! Fire Nerf bullets using your mind or control Video Games mentally and give your thumbs a rest!  Finally, end your visit by seeing what’s really going on with your thoughts with research grade brainwave monitors. MindDrive BCI- its worth your attention
*Matthew Ebisu is a Maker/ Researcher at Singularity University and creates BCI and robots by day.